Get a Room! -- Getting Frisky in Public Could Land You in Jail (VIDEO)

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How much PDA is too much PDA on the beach? One couple just found out the hard way. They were each charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition at a public beach in Florida after witnesses saw them grinding away right there in the sand, in front of children. Whatever they were up to, they face up to 15 years in jail because of it.


It's not clear if Elissa Alvarez (20) and Jose Caballero (40) were engaged in actual coitus or if they were just simulating it. I guess no one wanted to get up close enough to verify. Video taken by one of the beachgoers shows Alvarez industriously writhing on top of Caballero in a very suggestive position. The words "lewd" and "lascivious" do come to mind when you watch it.

It took the jury just 15 minutes to convict the couple.

But is 15 years too severe a punishment? I could see a hefty fine, or even 30 days in jail. But 15 years -- and they may not have even been having real sex! Not that it matters! Because clearly they were doing too much of something! But still!

Well, it turns out at least Alvarez's sentence might be lighter. The 15-year-threat is for Caballero specifically on account of his prior conviction for cocaine trafficking. (Psst, 20-year-old ladies: Maybe don't get involved with 40-year-old coke dealers, okay?)

However, both will have to register as sex offenders, and that's the truly harsh sting. At the young age of 20 Alvarez will have to carry that around with her, all because she went too far in the presence of children.

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Clearly this couple crossed a line. But where does that line lie, exactly? Could another couple get in trouble just for making out? What if your idea of "discreet" is totally different from someone else's? Who gets to decide? This story may send a chill through affectionate, beach-going couples everywhere this summer.

One thing we know for certain, though. Sex on the beach: It's not just a cocktail. It's a criminal offense!

Do you think this punishment is too severe, or just right?


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