Husbands With These Jobs Are More Likely to Cheat -- Should You Be Worried?

infidelityWho's more likely to cheat on their wives, doctors or lawyers? Seth from Accounting or Ray from marketing? We just found out which professions have the most cheaters, and the answers may make some of you squirm.


Illicit Encounters, an married dating site in the U.K. (their Ashley Madison) ranked its 970,000 users by profession, and here's what they found.

Financial Services 18%

Management/HR 12%

Executive and Self-employed 8%

Engineering and IT/Communications 6%

Accounting 5%

Sales & Marketing 4%

Government, Healthcare & Medical, Legal 3%

Advert/Media/Entertainment, Art/Design Related, Education & Science, Trades & Services, Retired 2%

Admin/Customer Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Retail/Consumer, Other 1%

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Beware of bankers! They dominate the pile o' infidelity, at least as far as Illicit Encounters is concerned. In fact, the top cheaters all seem to come from high-earning, high-achieving professions at first glance: Finance, management, execs, entrepreneurs.

But what about doctors and lawyers?

They're lumped at the bottom with government workers. I guess this makes sense for doctors, since they're in a caretaker profession, so possibly more altruistic and less selfish. But lawyers -- wow. For a profession whose reputation is all about deception and bending the rules, they seem to be surprisingly faithful compared to others.

Read this with a grain of salt, though. This is according to one dating site, not the entire population. It would be more accurate to say bankers are the most likely to cheat via married dating website. Maybe they're just better at planning? Meanwhile people in other professions cheat on the fly with the nearest warm body. 

But it does make you wonder, doesn't it? Hm...

Are you surprised to see who cheats the most, according to this infidelity site? 


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