Woman Kisses Random Stranger on a Dare & Now She's Desperate to Find Him (PHOTO)

A Boston Marathon runner proved she has a great deal of courage and cool when she accepted her daughter's challenge while running in the race, walked right up to a handsome stranger, and planted a big kiss on his lips. Nice! The dare was caught on camera, and now this awesome mom is searching for the man, whom we're guessing was one helluva kisser.


Barbara Tatge, a 55-year-old single woman from Tennessee, needed a little boost while running the Boston Marathon on April 20. Instead of gulping down an energy drink, she followed the advice of her daughter, Paige, a graduate student at Arizona State University, and got this hot gentleman to pucker up for her.

Barbara was totally impressed. She told Yahoo! News his magical kiss gave her the boost she needed to fly through the rest of the race. But the woman had running on her mind and, understandably, didn't get this guy's digits after the smooch, even though he shouted for her to "call" him.

Now Paige is determined to find the guy she kissed so that her mom doesn't go through life always wondering whether fate brought them together that day (okay, I may be adding my own romantic thoughts to this story, but so what? It was totally fate)!

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In this day and age, it should be a snap for Barbara to find her guy. After a few thousand shares on Twitter and all of the attention this story is receiving in the media, someone is going to come forward and reveal the identity of her kisser.

Let's just hope that someone isn't his wife or girlfriend!

What do you think about Barbara's effort to find the guy she kissed? Would you pursue this?


Image courtesy Paige Tatge


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