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10 Ways to Get the Sensual Mother’s Day You Deserve


Well, well, well, it's Mother's Day. Who were you, before you became a mom? And how did you become a mother in the first place? It's usually a fun story, one we tend to forget in the whirlwind that follows. But maybe we should bring sexy back for Mother's Day. If nothing else, it'll relax you and remind you that as much as you love it, there's way more to you than being a mom.

We asked sexy lifestyle coach Dana B. Myers for her suggestions -- and we threw in a few of our own -- for how you can give your Mother's Day a little spice.

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Which of these would you most like to try this Mother's Day?

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1Pamper Your Body

Whether that means going to an extra-long yoga class, getting a mani-pedi, or enjoying an herbal salt rub, do something that returns you to your body. It's hard work, bringing these little people into the world and raising them. You need some TLC.

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2Get Your Beauty Sleep

This should be at the top of every mom's list. Get a full night's sleep. Even better, get more eight hours of sleep. Whatever it takes, whatever your spouse has to do to keep the kids away, indulge in some well-earned rest.

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3Ask for Lingerie

No more practical "mom" gifts! This year, request something naughty from your significant other, something you can wear all day under your clothes that only you two know about.

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4Take a Fragrant Bath

When was the last time you enjoyed a long soak in the tub? Instead of bubbles (which can dry out and irritate your skin), opt for some delicious-smelling bath salts or oils. While you're at it, light some scented candles, too.

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5Do Your Favorite Pre-Mom Activity

"You feel like a mother every day," says Myer, "so take the morning to remember who you are outside that role." What's the one thing you could do that would remind you of who you used to before you had kids? Send the kids off with their dad and spend some time exploring that.

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6Get an Adrenaline Rush With the Mr.

A great way to bring sexual energy into your marriage is to engage in a pulse-raising activity together. If you can find someone to watch the kids, go on a short couples adventure, Myers suggests: "Hike into a forest preserve with a packed picnic and see if nature inspires you to have hot outdoor sex. Hit up the local amusement park and make out on the Ferris Wheel. Or better yet, ride a roller coaster and hold hands as you take the plunge down the big hill."

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7Give Yourself a Buzz

"If you're feeling extra saucy," Myer says, "take five minutes with your vibrator to celebrate yourself." 

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8Enjoy a Cocktail

Put down that gallon jug of milk and pick up a serious, grown-up cocktail: A Manhattan, a Sazerac, a Martini. Heck even some champagne or, if you're a teetotaler, sparkling grape juice. Enjoy something only grownups get to enjoy.

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9Take a 'Magic Mike' Break

For the most adventurous among you, Myer suggests dads be the one to put on a (private) show for you, for once -- a Magic Mike-style striptease.

"Don't skimp on the details," she says. "Go for it with costumes, music, roleplay (I'm here with an arrest warrant for you, ma'am) and lots of slick moves." Keep your sense of humor, both of you. But play it right, and he'll make you laugh, make you feel like a desired woman, and transport you into a sexy, playful state.

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10Be the Boss of Your Bedroom

What sexy treat do you want from your man? Today is your day to request it -- not just the act, but the duration, too. Is there anything that's usually treated as foreplay that you'd like as the main event, for once? Make sure he brings you to a spectacular finish. And if you're usually generous and giving, take a break from reciprocating, too.

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