Hilary Duff Is Plotting to Take All Our 'Normal' Men

Hilary DuffIf you're single and already disenchanted with the dating scene, get ready to be even more so. It's bad enough that we ladies have to compete with each other -- now we have to compete with celebrities. Normally, they at least stay out of the civilian pool. Celebs want to date other rich, famous people, right? Wrong! None other than gorgeous single mom Hilary Duff has decided to invade your Tinder pool.


Hilary admitted on a radio show that she is indeed on the dating app Tinder -- and she must be swiping right like a crazed maniac, because she says she already has a date lined up and she's chatting up nine different guys (don't hate the playa, hate the game).

The former Lizzie McGuire says she realized she's always met guys through work (i.e. being famous) -- including a marriage with hockey player Mike Comrie -- and decided to try dating "normie" types for awhile. Normal guys? Tinder? Bwah!

But yet Hils has already snagged her first date with a guy whose profile she found "humorous." If you're trying to get a date with Hilary, increase your chances of her swiping right by not posing shirtless in your bathroom which, like the rest of femaledom, she doesn't like. (But guys keep doing it anyway!)

So far, Hilary sounds just like us. Except she's famous and wealthy and has a great career and is beautiful, and I hope she's moved back to Los Angeles, 'cause girl, we don't need you in Brooklyn no mo'!

However, Hilary seems to be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to dating "normies." She's so nervous, she says she's bringing friends with her on the date. Erm, wonder how that will go over.

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Tip for Hilary's date: Do not admit you're an Aaron Carter fan.

Have you ever tried Tinder?

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