Amy Adams Could Win the Oscar for the Longest Hollywood Engagement Ever

amy adams darren le galloAnother "secret" celeb wedding is happening this weekend. Big Eyes and American Hustle star Amy Adams will marry her fiancé, Darren Le Gallo, in an intimate ceremony, sources tell Page Six. But the fact that it's going to be a not-so-secret undercover wedding isn't the surprise here.


It's that Adams and Le Gallo have been engaged since 2008! That's a seven-year engagement. And they have a five-year-old daughter together. What's taken them so long -- and why now?

One of Page Six's anonymous sources says it's because Adams' career has been on fire, lately.

Amy and Darren had always planned on getting married, but her career has been on such an amazing trajectory, it has been hard for her to take the time out. But now she has deliberately taken some time off work to be with her family and finally get married.

Well that makes sense. Adams has been killing it lately in the movies. Her performances show she really gives it her all, and she's been very busy with the kind of exciting roles an actor wouldn't want to turn down. It would be hard to step out of that and turn your focus to planning a wedding and honeymoon. And she no doubt wants to give that her all, as well!

Not to mention, Adams and Le Gallo have been together for a total of 14 years. Looks like they're pretty stable at this point. I mean, that's way longer than your average Hollywood marriage, so I think they're doing just fine. I just hope Adams (or somebody) will leak a photo of the wedding dress on the big day.

Does this sound like an especially long engagement, or no big deal?


Image via Michael Buchner/Getty Images Entertainment


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