Woman’s Revenge on Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Hits Him Where It Hurts the Most

apple products in tubWhat's the 21st century version of throwing your ex's belongings out on the street? I'm so glad you asked, because one angry woman just answered this question: She dumped her cheating ex-boyfriend's Apple gadgets into a bathtub and then Tweeted the photos.


Ouch! How many hundreds, no, thousands of dollars have just been destroyed here? Was it too much? No. Nope, not at all. All of you ladies who have ever been cheated on, you may want to gather 'round here and enjoy these pictures.

Oh yeah, feels good. That's why there's nearly 20,000 retweets and over 12,000 favorites. I'm surprised there aren't more, in fact. But give it time.

I won't deny this was an immature thing to do. And no, it's probably not going to help with the healing process. (I think it will help a little bit, to be perfectly honest.) I'm certainly not recommending anyone do this, ever. 

But I imagine it must have been enormously cathartic. Have you ever felt the helpsless fury of being cheated on? I bet she got her message across. He must have really loved his Apple merch. Probably a whole lot more than he loved her. She really knew where to hit him.

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Does it sound like I'm totally lacking compassion for this woman's boyfriend? Oh well. Maybe if he throws in a few bags of rice everything will be okay.

What's the worst act of revenge for cheating you've ever seen?


Image via @foolishnessfly2/Twitter


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