‘Autism in Love’ Film Will Change How You Understand Love (VIDEO)

autism in love filmWhat is it like to find love when you're on the autism spectrum -- and how do you make a relationship work? A new documentary film, Autism in Love, explores those questions and more. And it could change the way you see people with autism and love itself.


It's a common for people to assume that romantic relationships are impossible, and probably not even desired by individuals on the spectrum. The disorder makes it harder to pick up and act on social cues, important skills for any relationship. But autism doesn't shut off your emotions. And it certainly doesn't inhibit an individual's longing for love.

To illuminate these truths, Autism in Love director Matt Fuller follows a young man named Lenny, who is looking for a girlfriend. And he follows Lindsay and Dave, a couple navigating an eight-year relationship. Listen to how Dave, who is a scientist, describes love as a force. It's far from limited. If anything, it may broaden your conception of what love is in a beautiful, powerful way.

Does being on the autism spectrum make a romantic relationship more work, or does it simply require people to change their perspective and expectations? Either way it's a challenge, but not necessarily an insurmountable one.

"I’m always looking for opportunities to tell stories about characters who want something it seems as though they can’t have," Fuller tells Huffington Post. "I don’t know the science. I don’t know about the disorder’s origin. I do know about the challenges many adults with autism face. I know that they want to love and be loved. And, I know they are capable of having meaningful, romantic relationships."

Do you know anyone on the autism spectrum who is making a romantic relationship work?


Image via Autism in Love/Facebook

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