Single Dad Posts Funny Sign for a Girlfriend -- & We’d Like to Help!

couple kissing back of truckAttention single ladies! We hear there's a nice dad looking for love, and he's driving around with a personal ad pasted on his truck door. Robin Thomas gave up on online dating and decided to take his search on the road, literally.


Thomas has three kids, ages 6 to 11, and lives in Paragould, Arkansas. The sign on his truck door reads: "Looking for a date? Would you date a single father?" He lists his phone number and specifies "21 and older," but Thomas tells KAIT8 News he'd prefer to date a woman who's at least 28.

Dating websites just weren't working out for Thomas. "Every dating site keeps throwing people up from Texas, Tennessee and Alabama,” he says. “I didn't get any love from them." He also doesn't want to travel too far since he shares custody of his son with this ex. So he took his profile offline an onto his truck. "I figured it can't be any worse than what I was doing."

Maybe not! But I have a few suggestions for Thomas, as a formerly single woman.

1. It wouldn't hurt to add a photo of himself there on the ad. It's not just for shallow reasons (although to be honest, most of us women do care about looks). It's just that if you're going to call up a stranger, you want to know just a little bit more about him, and a photo can say a lot about your personality.

2. Maybe he should add a few more details, like his age, a couple favorite activities. I mean, there's a lot of single women out there looking for a good man. But most aren't so desperate that they'll grab the nearest available adult y-chromosome with a pulse, you know?

3. Smart of him to mention he's a dad. That is mighty important information people need to get out, up front, when you're dating. Maybe he could add how many kids he has -- least anyone hesitate because she's afraid it's something like six.

Anyway, we wish Robin Thomas much luck. I don't know anyone in Arkansas, let alone any single ladies there. But maybe the extra publicity will reel in a few interested parties.

Would you respond to a man's personal ad if you saw it on the side of a truck?


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