Couples Describe Their Sex Lives in 1 Word (VIDEO)

couple describing sex life in one wordThe more words you use to express your affection for and attraction to your partner, the better, right? Love letters, sonnets, and even sexts just wouldn't be the same if they were limited to one word. But what if you were limited to one word to describe your sex life and thoughts on one another's bodies? What might that sound -- and look like? Ha!


Well, you don't have to wonder at all, because Complex was cool enough to compile clips of real life couples telling one another EXACTLY what they think about those topics in as few words as possible. And the result is as hilarious as it is cringeworthy.

Eeek! That poor woman whose boyfriend blurts out, "Boring!" But hey, to all of these couples -- way to go honest or go home. Thing is, as painful it may look, there's obviously something to be learned from getting down to brass tacks like these brave couples.

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Hey, the key to a successful relationship is communication, right? Even if you're using very few words to go about doing that.

Also, as you can plainly see, this "exercise" will give you about a 50/50 shot at either titillating and dazzling the object of your affection or ... becoming a target of their mild irritation and/or full-blown rage! Ah, l'amour

What word would you use to describe your sex life? How 'bout your partner's private parts?



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