Women Reveal Why They Really Need a Man Around

need a man aroundWe're all familiar with that famous quote: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. While we're not saying women need a man, there sure are times when it's nice to have one around -- and not just for love and companionship. 


There are many occasions where an extra pair of hands -- especially strong ones -- come in mighty handy! We asked moms to share some of the things they really need a man around for. Prepare to laugh! 

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"My real answer is that I need a man to change the five-gallon water bottles in our water dispenser," says CafeMom member sarahjz. "I can change them, but when I do, this happens ..."


"Fixing my car and killing bugs. Oh, to cook food on a grill because I can't do that either," says CafeMom member nursejay.

"Most importantly great sex but also to open jars, lift heavy things, home and car maintenance, yard work, renovations, and to fix what I break," says Bonita M.

"I am a single mom. I wish I had the 'Dad' voice. When my boys' father was alive, he could do the deep Dad voice and they would listen. Me, not so much," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name Sithmom71.

"Sex first of all. Then killing bugs and lifting heavy things is a nice perk," says CafeMom member seagoddess

"Well, he is almost a foot-and-a-half taller so I use him for reaching things that I can't! Lol," says a CafeMom member who goes by the handle mig1989.

"To kill spiders and snakes. To mow the yard, till my garden. Build my greenhouse and chicken coops. To go to work and spoil me. He has since he was 17 years old, now he's 41," says lilmama_06, a CafeMom member.

"A man is not a necessity but it is nice to have one on the team for balance and (a) helping hand and, of course, for companionship," Abeale22, a CafeMom member.

"I need my husband to be a strong family unit," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name momto2boys973.

"My husband came home last night after five weeks away. I can tell you, all the little things I take for granted adds up! The extra 20 minutes or so I got of sleep when he would wake up with our son, bringing me my coffee, not having to get dressed and get the baby dressed to take DD to school, having someone there every night to just talk to! Little normal things like that," says mia0223, a CafeMom member. 

"There is nothing a man could do for me that I can't do myself. There might be things, I don't want to do or am less inclined to do ... but there really are never any times that I come up against some insurmountable task that could only be handled by someone in possession of testes. Men have only ever made things harder, really," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name NBVP1.

"Sex, pay for movies and to go half on these bills," says Mommy2Bri425, a CafeMom member.

"My DH is my security blanket, lol, I hate sleeping alone. So he knows mad or not he has to sleep in the bed with me. We can ignore each other if we want but we have to sleep together. He and I have been together for 16 years since I was 15 and he was 17," says Anonymous 6, a CafeMom member.

"Making babies. My husband also does all the maintenance on house and cars. And for money since I am a sahm," says Anonymous 7, a CafeMom member.

What's one of the best reasons to have a guy in your life? 


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