Woman Says Beyonce Quiz Is the Ultimate Relationship Test & Well, It's Not

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Things were going really well between Beyoncé superfan Allie Davis and her boyfriend of over two years. But how could Davis know for certain that he was The One? She decided to give him the ultimate test, a Beyoncé trivia test she calls The Official Allie Davis Relationship Test.


Davis' boyfriend would have to score at least 60 percent to retain his precious relationship status with Davis, or @Fergyonce, as she is known on Twitter. Fortunately he studied well.

Wow, 80 percent correct! That's a LOT of Beyoncé trivia for a straight man to retain. That's commitment. That's knowing your girl.

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But that got us wondering, is this really the ultimate relationship test? Because I can think of a few other questions that might be way more make-or-break.

What are my favorite foods?

What should you do if I have PMS?

What stresses me out?

What are the names of my family members/friends?

How do I like my coffee?

What should you pour me right now?

Why don't I like watching Family Guy?

What DO I like watching, then?

Where should be go on our next vacation?

Where is this relationship going, exactly?

What makes me laugh?

What makes me cry?

What's a phrase you will never, EVER use with me again? Wait, no, don't say it.

If I have green stuff in my teeth, do you tell me immediately, later after dinner, or never?

How would you describe the color of my eyes?

What are your five ten favorite things about me?

What should you do with me in the bedroom after passing this test?

There, I think that should just about cover it!

What would go in your Ultimate Relationship Quiz?


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