Sweet Couple in Their 90s Makes Hardened Internet Commenters Swoon (PHOTO)

grandparents rolling through the mall

Please take a moment, everyone, and enjoy the adorableness of this photo posted by Reddit user HollyHutch92. She captioned it, "My grandparents are both 90 and still pretty cool." You've got to see their sweet ride.


Still pretty cool? Oh yeah. Beyond.

The commenters are all pretty much swooning over this couple, they love them so much. Here's a few of the best reactions:

Fast and Furious 47: Geriatric Drift

Scenes from GRAN Theft Auto: Mobility Scooter Edition

Nothin but a g thing.

Rolling down the street holding hands and sipping on prune juice.

relationship goals

But you'll look neat, upon the seat, of a Rascal that's built for twooo!!!

Life achievement unlocked: adorable nonagenarian.

You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

Their rap group is 2 Canes.

My favorite is "relationship goals." That says it all, right? We all want to be that couple, in our 90s, out and about, side-by-side, still in love with each other. Maybe the conversation isn't quite as lively as it once was (ditto their bedroom action). But there's a companionable harmony between them. They're both headed in the same direction, together, as a team.

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It reminds me of this photo of a dapper couple I saw walking hand-in-hand together about a year ago. How often do you see elderly people holding hands? Not often enough, I say! (I also want to be this well dressed when I'm their age.)

elderly couple

I mean ...

I'm in no hurry to grow older, so it's funny to want this. But I do. I love the idea of growing older with my guy by my side. And these two are lucky -- so many happy couples are split by an early death. And then the spouse left behind always seems a bit lost after that.

So I feel a burst of joy whenever I see very old couples together. It's an achievement -- of health, luck, affection, and passion. It gives us all hope.

Do you see yourself staying close to your partner even when you're old?


Image via HollyHutch92/Imgur



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