Mr. Burger Is Marrying Ms. King & Guess Who Is Picking Up the Tab?

wedding paid for by burger kingA couple of childhood sweethearts who are planning to tie the knot this summer received a whopper of an early wedding gift. Joel Burger and Ashley King -- you know where we're going with this, don't you? -- just learned that the fast food chain that shares their names will pick up the entire tab for their big day! 


The Illinois couple reached out to Burger King to ask the ubiquitous chain for permission to use its popular logo on their wedding favors. But what they got in return was so much more! Check out the reaction of the excited bride and groom-to-be:

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As if paying for the wedding wasn't already a dream come true, Burger King has super-sized its generosity. Guests will gift bags, complete with personalized yo-yos, mason jars, and Burger King crowns (in case you thought this might take the place of King's veil!).

What a cute and fun theme, right? Unless you're a vegetarian and then, of course, they might feel strange accepting this gift!

Don't you wonder if this couple will feel compelled to eat at the chain more frequently thanks to this offer? It'd be hard to not share this story with everyone each time you hit the drive-thru! We wish the happy Burger-King couple the best!

Would you enjoy a free Burger King-themed wedding? 

Image © Doczky/shutterstock

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