Dating With Autism Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

coupleWe all have our preferences and dealbreakers -- especially when it comes to dating. Hence why there are so different many matchmaking sites for people of a partocular religion (JDate, Christian Mingle), age (OurTime), or who have a certain lifestyle/career (FarmersOnly). Really, you'd think by now, there would be a dating site for just about everyone. But unfortunately, that's not the case. Just ask Kirsten Fitzpatrick and her 18-year-old daughter Olivia Cantu, who are both on the autism spectrum.


Kirsten, a 37-year-old mom from Santa Clarita, California tells the Huffington Post that prior to meeting her husband, her exes called her "weird," "eccentric," or "intense." She was aware she was "different" and "made to feel ashamed because of it."

But in her 30s, when she was diagnosed with autism, she began to gain clarity about her past experiences. And when her daughter also struggled in her social life, the mother and daughter were inspired to do something to help others in their position: launch a dating and social media site "created by people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum."

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The site, called Spectrum Singles launched in January, so it's obviously very young, but the mere idea that there's now a place for people who are autistic to find a mate who will not only understand but be able to empathize with their challenges is groundbreaking.

You almost have to wonder how it took so long for this to exist, because it makes SO much sense. 'Course some people may not want to be limited to other people on the spectrum, but surely, there are those who would jump at the chance to find a mate with whom they would feel more compatible -- and by whom they feel better understood.

In fact, inspired by eHarmony's compatibility test, Kirsten and Olivia developed a special questionnaire for their site called The Spectrum Compatibility Test (SCT). Awesome!

Here's the thing: Finding love is not easy, by any means, no matter WHO you are or who you're looking for. Having more specialized resources and information can only make the search a bit easier. Thank goodness that thanks to this amazing mother-daughter duo, people on the spectrum will be afforded that luxury, too.

What's your reaction to this mother-daughter duo's project? Have you ever used a specialized dating site?


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