7 Things to Try When 1 of You Wants Sex More Than the Other

For many couples, the early days of relationships are spent in a fog of fresh love and raging hormones. During those honeymoon days, you might find that you are doing it so much that even rabbits are jealous. And then the real world starts to creep in.


Once the fog of new love lifts and you settle in for the long term, you might discover, as many couples do, that there is a difference in your sex drives. Regardless of who wants it more (and it is important to note that it isn't always the man in the relationship who wishes for more action), the divide between your desire levels can be a cause of stress, disappointment, and hurt feelings.

Find out how seven women figured out how to bridge the gap in desire in their own relationships. You might feel inspired to get a little friskier tonight!


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