Identical Triplet Sisters Celebrate a Three-Ring Wedding Together (WATCH)

Everyone loves a wedding, but one that took place in Passo Fundo, Brazil last month had three times as much love in the air. Identical triplet sisters, Tagiane Bini, Rocheli Bini and Rafala Bini, 29, tied the knot on the same day, wearing the same gown (with slight moderations), and even identical hairstyles!


Mercifully, for the guests' sake, the brides chose different colored bouquets, making it easier to tell them apart. But what about the grooms, who also look a bit similar, amIright? Could each of the lucky fellas pick out his future wife? 

Eduardo, who married Tagiane, had this to say: 

Oh yes, I knew which one was mine, for sure. I knew as soon as she entered the church, she was the most beautiful.

I don't know how her sisters feel about that, but, ahhh! How sweet! 

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According to Daily Mail, the sisters hadn't originally planned to turn their wedding days into a "three-ring" event, but when their parents suggested it, they happily agreed. (Smart thinking, Dad, only pay for one reception instead of three!) Proud papa, Pedro, did get quite a workout though as he walked each of his daughters down the aisle individually from the midway point, which the three reached together. 

Hoping to keep things a bit unique, the triplets went separately to their hair and makeup appointments but not surprisingly all three selected the same style, something the stunning trio acknowledges is pretty common. 

Don't you wonder if the sisters ended up at the same honeymoon destination? It'll be nice for them to celebrate their anniversaries together and maybe start their families around the same time. We wish them all the best!

Would you want to share your wedding day with a sibling? 

Images via Diovane Moraes - Fotografia/Facebook & CTRL007/YouTube

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