Girl Sends Prank Breakup Text & Gets Exactly What She Deserves

girl getting text

If there is one thing we all learn on April Fool's Day 2015, let it be this: A prank breakup can backfire in a very public way. Ask 17-year-old Hayleigh McBay, who sent her boyfriend Dave a breakup text as an April Fool's joke. Here's how that went down.


Kids, don't try this at home.


Sometimes, when we joke, the truth outs itself. Ya know? The heartbroken tweet went viral and was retweeted all over the place throughout the day as a 21st century April Fool's cautionary tale. Hayleigh was pitied and reviled.

But not for long! It turns out, Dave was on to her pranking ways. The fool became the fool-er, as Dave turned the joke around on his girlfriend.

Good on ya, Dave! And we're relieved to know this whole thing wasn't staged. (OR WAS IT?)

A small part of me wonders, though -- what if Dave really was relieved that Hayleigh was breaking up with him, replied that he was glad, then realized what day it was and quickly pretended he knew it was a joke all along, haha, because he's no dummy. And now he's stuck with her for another six months, or however long he has to remain without it being too obvious.

But let's go with the happy couple theory. I like that one better.

What would happen if you pulled this prank on your significant other?


Image via Olena Zaskochenko/Shutterstock

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