Your Sex Life at Every Age: What People Are Doing & When

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When it comes to sex, are you acting your age? Sex guru Tracey Cox spells out the most common behaviors for people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s in her book, Sextasy. See if you're keeping up with -- or are way ahead of -- your peers!


Keep in mind, this is according to just one sex expert. This is not the end-all and be-all of sex at every age. It's just a fun snapshot that gives us some insight into how our sex lives evolve over time.

Sex in Your 20s

  • Men are thinking about sex every two hours, according to Cox. How do they get anything done?
  • Women are fantasizing about same-sex encounters, and for good reason. In a 2006 survey 76 percent of women climaxed with female partners compared with the 50 percent who climaxed with male partners.
  • 20-somethings are beginning to experiment with different sex positions.
  • One in ten people have a threesome in their early 20s, Cox says.
  • And you're most likely to visit a strip club in your 20s.

Sex in Your 30s

  • Almost all of you have tried sex outdoors by now.
  • This is the age where people typically start experimenting with light BDSM.
  • But! You are also having babies at this age, and that affects your sex life. Couples average having sex four to five times a month during pregnancy, dropping sex for about seven weeks after baby, and then resuming four months later at about the same rate, Cox claims.

Sex in Your 40s

  • Men start having erectile dysfunction problems.
  • Men are more likely to be unfaithful, watch more porn, and get into sex chats in their 40s than at any other decade.
  • Women become more sexually demanding and are sexually attracted to younger men.
  • For both genders, there's a shift from quantity to quality. So maybe you're not going at it all the time like you used to, but the sex you are having is much more satisfying.

How does your sex life compare with your peers'?


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