Woman's Hilarious Revenge Against Online Dating Creeps Is a Must-See (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 2, 2015 Love & Sex
Woman's Hilarious Revenge Against Online Dating Creeps Is a Must-See (PHOTOS)

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If you ever find yourself wanting to complain about married life, just remember: You could be single and online dating. Oh, it's not all terrible. But when it's bad? It's super gross. Ask Anna Gensler, a young woman who came up with a brilliant comeback for the creeps on OK Cupid and Tinder who send her vulgar come-ons: She sends them nude drawings. Of themselves. (Warning: NSFW!)

Whenever a guys tells her exactly what he'd like to do to her breasts, or another part of her anatomy (without even saying hello and telling her a bit about himself), she creates a hilarious doodle of the guy based on his online photo. And trust us -- she's not too generous with that drawing. Then she messages the drawing back to the dude.

Their exchanges are so telling, she's created a Tumblr dedicated to the project. Have a look and see if you can answer the age-old question, why do guys do this to women?!?

Have you ever been the recipient of a gross online come-on like these?


Images via Anna Gensler/Instagram

  • Definitely NOT Soliciting Prostitution


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Don't you love how she included the guy's dog in this drawing? But seriously, he is literally treating her like a prostitute. If this were how online dating worked, it would be illegal.

  • I Know What You Love ...


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Talk about wishful thinking! Both that he thought she was into "butt stuff" and that he didn't think what he was doing might come across as offensive. I mean, what kind of response is he expecting? "Why yes, I am -- with you! Come on over and show me what you've got!"

  • What Killer Boobs Look Like


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    It's a compliment, see? She's supposed to be flattered, and that'll make her want to have sex with him! That's how it works ... no?

  • Wrought in Hell


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    It's "rot," dear. As in, "rot in hell." Oh forget it.

  • Triple Threat


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Oh swell, so he's gross AND he's a racist AND he doesn't get Seinfeld jokes. Nope.

  • Chicken Farm


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Oh sure, Gensler's drawings are annoying. But bad pun-based jokes about your anatomy are the height of sophisticated banter!

  • Poor Kitty


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Again with the butt stuff. What's going on?!? Jordan keeps it short and simple, at least.

  • Pillow Talk


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    I don't think this man understands what it feels like to have your face shoved into a pillow. Or maybe he's picturing one of those massage table pillows that allows your nose and mouth to peek out? Nahhh, probably not.


  • Do You Even Know What That Word Means?


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    It's true, he should get points for using a multisyllabic word. It's just too bad he has no idea what "misogynistic" means. And it's great he thinks he has the right to be respected! Except he apparently doesn't think that right extends to women. Oh well.

  • 6 Inches


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Just a word of advice for all men planning to hit on women online: Really think through the logic of that joke before you lay it on someone. Save yourself some humiliation!

  • Why They Do It


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Okay, at last we get a little closure. One man gets honest with Gensler about why he hits on women online in such repulsive manner. It's all about his insecurity! Which we all know already, of course. But knowing this still doesn't make it any less slimy to experience.

  • An Apology


    Image via Anna Gensler/Instagram

    Even rarer, Gensler got an apology. Maybe there are a few online creeps who can learn something? I like to think there's one fewer guy doing this to women out there, thanks to Gensler. Maybe more.

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