Woman's Hilarious Revenge Against Online Dating Creeps Is a Must-See (PHOTOS)

online creeps Anna Gensler drawings

If you ever find yourself wanting to complain about married life, just remember: You could be single and online dating. Oh, it's not all terrible. But when it's bad? It's super gross. Ask Anna Gensler, a young woman who came up with a brilliant comeback for the creeps on OK Cupid and Tinder who send her vulgar come-ons: She sends them nude drawings. Of themselves. (Warning: NSFW!)


Whenever a guys tells her exactly what he'd like to do to her breasts, or another part of her anatomy (without even saying hello and telling her a bit about himself), she creates a hilarious doodle of the guy based on his online photo. And trust us -- she's not too generous with that drawing. Then she messages the drawing back to the dude.

Their exchanges are so telling, she's created a Tumblr dedicated to the project. Have a look and see if you can answer the age-old question, why do guys do this to women?!?

Have you ever been the recipient of a gross online come-on like these?


Images via Anna Gensler/Instagram

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