Adorable In-Flight Marriage Proposal Catches Lucky Flight Attendant Off-Guard (VIDEO)

eric greener brandy hollenbeck proposal alaska airlinesCreative proposals take place high in the sky all the time. But it's not every day that they take place between a pilot and a flight attendant on a major commerical flight! Which is why passengers aboard an Alaska Airlines flight got quite the sweet treat earlier this month when Eric Greener decided to pop the question to girlfriend Brandy Hollenbeck at 34,000 feet!


The pair has been together since 2012 when Eric's mom actually met Brandy on an Alaska Airlines flight. She reportedly liked Brandy so much that she tried to get her son to go out with her, but nothing happened -- until the two crazy kids actually met on their own at an airport a few months later. (Talk about fated!)

Brandy tells HuffPost of their first meeting, "I was eating a double cheeseburger, getting ready to get on a flight, and this guy is just staring at me and smiling, and I was like, what is going on with this guy? He's kinda cute! And then he kept flirting with me."

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She remembered that his mom had showed her a picture of him and actually confessed as much, by saying, "Hey, I met your mom this summer. She told me to look for you." Brandy says his reaction was one of shock of the happy -- not "OMG, WTH, Mom?!" -- variety.

Fast-forward to March 18, when Eric decided to sneak aboard an Alaska Airlines flight his girlfriend was working, riding into the cockpit jump next to the pilot. He began telling their love story over the loudspeaker, and soon, Brandy realized what was going on. The rest you just have to see!

Adorable! Not to mention so fitting. The only way this proposal would've made more sense for Brandy and Eric would have been if he had used a cheeseburger somehow ... or his mom. Ha! But really, there was no better way for them to get engaged than right where they're most at home -- high in the sky!

What's your reaction to this "flighty" proposal?


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