Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. Show Us How They Make Love Last (PHOTO)

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This is just your friendly, weekly reminder to keep doing date night with your husband, brought to you by the eternally adorable Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The two posed for an Instagram portrait that's inspiring couples everywhere.


Will you please look at this cuteness?

Yeah, don't let anyone tell you love is dead!

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Two kids, 13 years, and still enjoying each other's company. Sure, they get tired, just like any married couple with kids. They probably get sick of each other, and argue, and wonder what it's all about, just like you. But they're still in it together, and they're still having fun! (Also they're rich and apparently still ridiculously good looking, which probably doesn't hurt. But that's usually not enough to preserve your typical Hollywood couple.)

Want to feel overwhelmed by Prinze/Gellar love again? Here you go. This is from a month ago.

#MyFirstInstaCongrats @realfpj I'm very excited to send my first #instagram #400000

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You two are slaying us.

We see a lot of celeb gossip about couples splitting up. And we're always excited about new couples, who is hooking up, who just got married. But you know what I find most exciting of all? A couple who can keep love alive for years and years, with kids and the pressures of life.

So go on your date nights, everyone. Here is one couple that proves it's worth it.

How often do you do date nights? What do you usually do?


Images via Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram


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