1 Thing That Could Turn Your Husband Into a Dynamo in the Sack

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Ladies, your husband will want to hear this. Scientists have discovered something that will maximize man's sexual function, as in, to the maxxxx. Aw yeah. Want him to last longer, faster, harder, better? Here is the secret!



Okay, maybe he doesn't want to hear this after all.

But in case you're still reading, here's what a study of 300 men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed. The guys who put in two hours of strenuous exercise, or 3.5 hours of moderate exercise, or six hours of light exercise per week had better sex. And by "better," the researchers mean more frequent and stronger erections, superior orgasms, and more awesome overall sexual function.

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Men who work out less than that performed less awesomely. (I mean, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything. But to be more accurate, their sexual function scores came out lower.)

This should come as a surprise to no one. It seems like common sense. And yet, says study co-author Adriana Vidal, "This study is the first to link the benefits of exercise in relation to improved erectile and sexual function in a racially diverse group of patients." Previous research focused on just white men. Now we know there is no ethnic or racial category of man whose performance can't be enhanced by exercise.

Anyway, if you're looking for ways to encourage your husband to get more exercise, look no further. This has got to be the ultimate motivation: It's good for his stamina. You'll both enjoy the results of his hard work.

How much does your husband exercise, more or less than you do?


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