How to Turn Kegels Into Mind-Blowing Sex

happy couple in bedKegels: Those exercises everyone says you need to start doing once you become pregnant and forever after. Strengthening your pelvic floor is supposed to save you from a host of unmentionable health problems. But what no one ever seems mention is the best part: You can do Kegels during sex! And it's mind-blowing -- for both of you.


We asked Dr. Kat Van Kirk, licensed sex therapist and resident sex expert at Adam and Eve, for her tips on working out our "love muscle" on our own and with our lucky partner.

1. How to do Kegel exercises. When you do Kegels, you're activating your pubococcygeus muscle, which stretches from your pubic bone to your tail bone and comprises your pelvic floor. Dr. Kat recommends two different approaches: Pulsing your pubococcygeus muscle, and flexing it in a static hold for as long as you can.

pelvic floor

Some women find it helpful to put something inside their vagina during these exercises so they can really feel the tightening sensation. "This can be done with Ben Wa balls, which were developed thousands of years ago in Asia just for this purpose," Dr. Kat suggests. "You can even ‘work out’ with the Ben Wa balls while folding the laundry, or, if you are feeling a little randy, while you are out on a date ala Fifty Shades of Grey."

Or you could practice with a dildo. Dr. Kat recommends using a soft, flexible one like the Serenity Vibrating Wand, "but really any traditionally shaped, flexible dildo will work.”

And then there's vaginal weight-lifting, which ... well, I'll let you watch the video to see what that is.

2. What Kegels should feel like. How do you know you're doing it right? “The next time you urinate, stop the flow of urine mid-stream," Dr. Kat says. "This is your pubococcygeus muscle and congratulations, you have just performed a Kegel exercise." Once you become familiar with the sensation you can practice it any time: "In the car, in the shower and then begin experimenting during sex.”

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3. How to work Kegels into sex. So, you've been working out your pubococcygeus muscles and you're ready to rock your man's world? You're basically doing your exercises during intercourse. "Start with short pulses and then work your way into holding it for longer periods of time," Dr. Kat suggests. You may have to experiment a bit go get the rhythm right. That's okay! It's just sex. You'll figure it out.

"Most women find this very pleasurable as do the men that are benefiting from all of the internal sensations that they may have never felt before,” Dr. Kat says. As for you, she says, "You may find that you become more orgasmic and have stronger orgasms as a result of practicing Kegels." Well all right, then! I think that's all the motivation we need to try.

Have you ever tried working Kegels into sex? How did it go? Could he feel the difference?


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