Women Reveal the Grossest Habits of Their Spouses (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Mar 24, 2015 Love & Sex
Women Reveal the Grossest Habits of Their Spouses (PHOTOS)

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Bad habits -- we all have them. But, let's face it: Some are worse than others. We asked women to share some of the most unsavory things their partners do that really turn them off! 

We found a couple of recurring themes: dirty socks and poor hygiene. 

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Prepare to laugh, cringe, and commiserate as you see what makes these ladies sometimes miss the single life. 

What does your mate do that truly grosses you out? 

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  • Whiskers Everywhere


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    "I think the worst is that he doesn't always clean up well after shaving. There are always little leftover hairs all around the sink. He'll clean the inside of the sink, but somehow is completely blind to what is on the counter," says CafeMom member Seagoddess.

  • Bad Attempts at Turn-Ons


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    "Swinging his penis around when he takes his underwear off -- he acts like it's to air it out but he really is trying to turn me on ... And it does not!" notes CafeMom member jd83. 

  • Bad Breath


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    "He eats sardines and artichoke hearts and wants to be kissy right after. Ick!," says CafeMom member LilBlue399

  • Open-Door Bathroom Sessions


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    "I think his most annoying habit is pooping with the bathroom door open. We live in a small two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom in the middle between the bedrooms and kitchen and it stinks up the entire apartment. It gets on my nerves. How hard is it to close the door before you sit down!" says Rachellaree20, a CafeMom member.

  • Wild Urination


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    "He hoses down the entire toilet when he pees," says CafeMom member Missesmerelda. "Not just the seat, the whole damn thing. And, he does it on purpose and thinks it is hilarious."

  • Shared Toothbrush


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    "This is gross on both our parts, but in any case, we use the same toothbrush. Back when we dated, it was almost cute to use the same toothbrush on occasion. But now, I think it's kinda gross, although I'm not so grossed out (enough) to do something about it! We used to have separate toothbrushes, both electric. But then one of them broke down -- his or mine, not sure. So we started using the same toothbrush. I kept on meaning to get a new one, but electric toothbrushes are expensive, and, well, we kiss and share saliva anyway so I think we just fell into using the same one and thinking it's no big deal. But I do feel gross admitting to it!" - Anonymous 



  • Drooling During Sleep


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    "He drools heavily in his sleep. I've occasionally rolled over in it. He can't help it, but it's so nasty," says DezMommy09, a Cafemom member.

  • Passing Gas


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    "He farts. A lot. And it stinks. I will lose it if he farts during dinner, but if he is sitting by himself, sometimes he will eat and fart at the same time. I don't understand how you can do that," reports Anonymous 9, a CafeMom member.

  • Teeth Brushing in the Shower


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    "He brushes his teeth in the shower, and I often have to clean congealed, germ-infested toothpaste spatter off the wall," says Anonymous 1, a CafeMom member. 

  • Socks ... Everywhere


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    "Definitely the socks ... I find them in the oddest places ... Under the couch, under the kitchen table, which infuriates me," writes CafeMom member Anonymous 3.

  • Loud Nose Blowing


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    "Blowing his nose loudly at restaurants. Like a horn. I can't even," says CafeMom member GhostofLily.

  • Tobacco Chewing


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    "He chews tobacco and lets his spit cans pile up on the kitchen counter or bedroom end table. Ehk! The worst is when someone in the house thinks it's their soda and they take a sip, lol. Yes, that has actually happened," says CafeMom member Christina259.

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