Couple Get Married in 38 Places Around the World in 83 Days

For many couples, the most exciting part about planning a wedding is deciding where to say "I do." Most of us, if we're not jetting off to an island for a destination wedding, choose among a few spots that are close enough to all of the relatives and friends we want to invite. But one amazing couple bucked tradition by getting married in 38 different places in 83 days.


Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard sound the perfect couple. They are both professional acrobats who love adventure and share a similar inability to choose when it comes to one beautiful location over another. After they got engaged last year, Platt and Woodyard couldn't make up their minds if they wanted a church, beach, or destination wedding.

So, they decided to have their wedding cake and eat it, too. Since the beginning of February, these happy love birds have been jetting to places like Colombia, where they got married in the rain forest, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, India, Thailand, Kenya, and Morocco. In total, they plan to visit six continents and 11 countries and have at least 20 ceremonies, including one with family and friends in Los Angeles when they return.

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You may be thinking: I'd do this too, if I had a gazillion dollars. But here's the beautiful part: Platt and Woodyard booked all of their flights for less than $3,000 per person and, instead of worrying about hiring a wedding officiant in each country, they have been officially ordained so they can marry each other.

To be fair, they also set up a account, where awesome people contributed to their trips. There's nothing like a resourceful couple.

One of the bits of advice I've been reading lately is that couples should travel as much as possible before they settle down and have children. I couldn't agree more—you learn an incredible amount about your partner when you go places together. How do you both react when you get lost and can't read maps to save your lives? Which one of you transforms into a Type A go-getter the minute your plane touches down on the runway? Travel is a fascinating and FUN way to grow together as a couple.

Best of luck to these two cuties. I'm sure they will have an incredible time together as a newly married (38 times married) couple.

What are your thoughts on this couple's many wedding ceremonies?


Image via JW Marriott Guanacaste Costa Rica/Flickr


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