Guy Looks at His Girlfriend's Preschool Picture & Discovers He's In It (PHOTO)

my girlfriend is an imp

You never know what treasures you'll find when you're looking for a rice cooker. Imgur user evanaka1234 was searching for one when he came across an old preschool classroom photo of his impish-looking girlfriend. "Then I realized something very odd about the picture," Evan says. "Something was a little too familiar ..."


He was in that photo, too!

my girlfriend is an imp

He describes why this was so surprising.

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ME! We group up a long ways away from each other, a few cities apart at least but it turned out that we somehow had gone to the same preschool. I freaked out and called my mom (what else would you do in a situation like that) and sure enough she confirmed that it was me. We had both attended this same preschool when we were like 3 years old. Mildly interesting to say the least.

Sixteen years later, that handsome little boy and the impish girl sitting next to him are together again, as a couple. Imagine! What a crazy coincidence, especially since they're sitting right next to each other. What would they have said if someone had told them that years later they would be boyfriend and girlfriend?

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Now can we please talk about how adorable this "imp" of a little girl is?

my girlfriend is an imp

I mean. She looks like trouble, but in an amazing, fun, exciting way. She's probably grew up to be a really cool adult. Here are the kids today.

my girlfriend is an imp

Cute couple, right? 

Okay, we love this story so much -- so it had better be true! I don't want to find out later that this was just a hoax or a fabrication. That's what kills love, you guys! But if it's true, it sure makes you wonder, doesn't it? You just never know who from your past will revisit you in a surprising way.

Have you ever rediscovered someone you had no idea you'd met earlier in life? 


Image via evanaka1234/Imgur


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