Ryan Gosling Helps Lesbian Couple With Surprise Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

Ryan Gosling SXSW

What's better than a surprise wedding proposal that goes viral? A surprise wedding proposal that goes viral and features the help of Ryan Gosling. Duh. 


During a Q&A for his film Lost River, it quickly became apparent that a woman in the audience was planning on using the opportunity to talk to the Gos to slip in a proposal to her partner of 11 years. I am a straight woman and let me tell you, if a woman managed to get a totally hyped Ryan Gosling to facilitate my wedding proposal, I would absolutely marry her. I would marry her 12 times.  

When the proposer in question made it clear that she wanted to ask her girlfriend's hand in marriage, Gosling was so souped that you'd think he was the one getting engaged. "We got a proposal here!" He loudly announced to the crowd before passing off his microphone like the savvy god of love that he is. Seriously, can you think of anything more swoon-worthy than getting proposed to by the love of your life and Ryan Gosling helping them do it?

It's adorable, and you should definitely check out the video. Stuff gets nice and romantic around the minute 12 mark. Can we also take a moment and talk about how Ryan Gosling, while totally pleased with the way events unfolded, didn't even seem that surprised? I kind of wonder how often this happens to him. It feels like it's got to be a lot, right? It's good to be the Gos. 

Which celebrity would you pick to coordinate your proposal?


Image via YouTube

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