Say It With Me, Ladies -- 'I Deserve an Orgasm!'

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Actress and comic Amy Schumer is about to change your sex life -- for the better. You may not know who she is, yet. And no, she doesn't want to sleep with you. But she does know exactly what women need to light their sex lives on fire.


A sense of entitlement.

In an interview for her new movie, Trainwreck, Amy Schumer dished a little bit about her private life. Not too much, but just enough to give us this exciting tidbit: "I completely love sex and I don't feel shy about feeling entitled to an orgasm if I'm having sex with somebody."

Let's unpack that, shall we?

1. Schumer feels entitled to an orgasm if she's having sex with someone.

2. Schumer would like to make this expectation clear to all relevant parties, thank you very much.

She doesn't just want an orgasm, or hope for an orgasm. She expects one. That's what she came for (haha, came), and that's what she's getting. It's often times a given that the guy will climax when he has sex. But for this lady, it's a given that she will, too. How many other women are that ballsy? Er, you know what I mean.

Too many women engage in sex with kind of a passive "well, we'll see" attitude. Like maybe you'll win the lottery or something. Maybe, by some fluke, it'll happen.

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But Amy came to play, ladies. She owns her sexuality and takes responsibility to make sure she gets what she wants. And whether it's the guy playing her like a Stradivarius or she's lending a hand, she will climax. And she will communicate with her partner about how important that is to her.

I love it when women talk this way!

Now go get what you came for, ladies. You, too, are entitled to an orgasm when you have sex with someone. You are. Make sure it happens. It's the one lotto ticket every woman gets to win. Claim yours.

Do you approach sex with the same attitude Schumer does?

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