New Orgasm Study Is Oh, Oh, Oh So Troubling for Women

couple embracing in bedroomWe live in an amazing time for feeling sexually empowered as women, thanks to sex-positive foremothers like Margaret Sanger, Gloria Steinem, and Carrie Bradshaw who trailblazed the way for us to use birth control, enjoy sex for pleasure (not just procreation!), and have no shame while hooking up. And yet, there's still a lot of progress to be made, it seems. At least judging from what Cosmopolitan found in their new Female Orgasm survey.


Looks like men simply aren't respecting gender equality between the sheets! Check out the top four glaring injustices:

1. Women climax 57 percent of the time, whereas their partner does 95 percent! The obstacles? They were "almost there but can't quite get over the edge," there was "not enough clitorial stimulation," there was "not the right kind of clitorial stimulation," and they were too much in their own head, or focused on how they look. All but one of these reasons are linked to partner incompetence. And okay, women's failure to speak up, perhaps, as well.

2. 72 percent of women say they have had a partner climax, but not attempt to help them finish. Dudes! Give us a break -- I mean, orgasm! Yeesh!

3. 67 percent of women have faked orgasms, mostly because they want to make their partner's feel good, or they knew they weren't going to anyway, so they wanted to end sex more quickly.

4. Masturbation (with and without sex toys) was named the the #1 way women are having orgasms. Not that there's anything wrong with taking matters into your own hands, quite literally, but why aren't women getting more via their guys? Sure, #2 is vaginal penetration with clitorial stimulation, but nearly 20 percent fewer women said they get to their Os that way. 


These findings make most men look not only selfish but like complete amateurs. Where the heck do these guys get off not helping their women, well, get off? 

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But alright, most women would probably also admit that if they've failed to climax, given up on climaxing, faked it, or relied on themselves more often than not to get there, it's possible they could stand to do a slightly better job communicating their needs to their partner. As much as we want to believe that guys just inately understand how the female body works and should be genetically coded to push all of our right buttons, they may need some guidance, and we're responsible for that.

At the same time, I'm sure plenty of the women surveyed have done everything but design a sex GPS for their men to get them to the finish line, and still aren't getting anywhere. Argh. Frustrating doesn't even begin to cover what that is!

Here's hoping these results go viral and find their way into many a clueless man's newsfeed! Because while there's absolutely no shame in getting your O on, there's SO MUCH of it in making out like bandit in the bedroom while your partner is left with little to no satisfaction.

Who do you think is to blame for these glaring orgasmic inequalities?

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