Smart Bride Ditches Groom at Altar After He Fails to Answer Riddle Correctly​

angry brideIt's like the weirdest anti-fairy tale you've ever heard: A bride gives her groom a riddle to solve before she'll marry him. He fails, and she leaves him at the wedding. But wait until you hear this riddle.


The bride asked her groom to solve a simple addition problem: What's 15 plus six? Alas, the hapless groom answered "17." She refused to marry the young man and all the gifts were returned to the guests.

If you're wondering if this story happened to take place in India, with an arranged marriage, haan (as they say in Hindi). You are correct. But hey, as nutty as this story sounds you have to admit, this is a darn good reason to leave someone at the altar! People in the U.S. do the same thing (or annul their weddings, or get divorced after only seven weeks) for even worse reasons.

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The bride in this question says her family was mislead about her future husband's education. And I have to say, knowing simple arithmetic is going to go a long ways toward building matrimonial harmony. Imagine the fights you'll have about family finances, otherwise. That's hard enough to negotiate when you do know math.

It's not like she left him because he wasn't rich enough, or well-endowed enough.

And for that matter, plenty of grooms have ghosted their brides for shallow or callow reasons, too.

So good for this would-be bride for standing up for herself and her future. A smart woman deserves a smart husband. I wish her better luck with the next candidate.

What are the most important things you know about your groom before you commit to him?


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