Desperate Wife Resorts to Ad on Public Bus to Save Her Sick Husband​ (VIDEO)

What would you do for a loved one who is extremely ill? If you are Ester Smith of Renton, Washington, you would do anything -- even take out bus ads all over town begging for your husband's life. Her husband, Emmett, is only 27 and yet both of his kidneys have stopped functioning due to a rare disease called IgA nephropathy. Emmett, who is daddy to a 9-month-old girl, desperately needs a kidney transplant. So Ester decided to get creative.


Due to Emmett's condition, he spends half his days on dialysis, which makes him nauceous and tired. He spends much of his day vomiting. And it's uncertain how long his body can even deal with this trauma.

Of course, Emmett would much rather spend his days being a good father and husband than being sick and on dialysis. His only hope is a kidney transplant.

At first, Ester and Emmett tried to spread the word via social media, but that hasn't panned out so far. So Ester came up with the idea of going analog by buying bus ads that would travel all over town. The ad is heartbreaking: It shows Emmett holding his baby girl, with the tagline "My Daddy Needs a Kidney."

Ugh. Gut wrenching. Emmett says he hopes the ad get the word out more strongly because, "It's in your face and it stays there. It's not on your phone and you can't send it away."

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The ads will only be on display for three more weeks -- hopefully a donor (who needs to be blood type O) will step up and save this dedicated dad.

I can't imagine being in this family's position. But I know that if this was my husband and father of my child, I would do the same thing Ester did if I was able. Hopefully her forward thinking will work a miracle.

If you think you might be a match (the Smiths' insurance will pay medical expenses), please visit

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