Woman Turns Love Letters From Old Boyfriends Into Stunning Photo Project

love lettersAsk any woman and we'll admit we still keep a few love letters from boyfriends past, somewhere -- even if we've moved on to other relationships. Photographer Stephanie Calabrese has been sifting through her old love letters and is turning them into a fascinating project on Instagram.


"I found an envelope of letters up in the attic," Calabrese writes in one Instagram post. "All hand-written. Pages from boys I loved back then. I was 20ish. All quotes in these images have come from the letters."

Calabrese has typed out lines from the letters and photographed them -- little snippets from her love life, like so many scattered memories. Check them out on her Instagram and see if they remind you of snippets from your own past love lives.

Do you ever look through your old love letters, or have you let go of them?


Image via KariDesign/Shutterstock

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