Heart-Tugging Moment a Soldier Reunites With a Love Letter He Wrote 70 Years Ago

love letterA love letter has come full circle, returning to the writer after 70 years and bringing him to tears. 90-year-old World War II vet Bill Moore wrote his sweetheart and future wife the letter in 1944. Years later, it was discovered inside a record sleeve at a thrift shop.


The anonymous stranger who found the letter took the trouble to track down Moore, returning it to its rightful owner just before Valentine's Day. Moore was utterly surprised.

It was 1944 and 20-year-old Moore was fighting in Patton's Army. He had met a young woman named Bernadean Gibson during his furlough -- and he fell in love with her. But he had no way of knowing if he would survive the war to see her again.

But he did survive, and he went on to marry the woman he called "my darling, lovable, alluring, Bernadean." They enjoyed 63 years of marriage and had three children. Bernadean died five years ago.

Finding the letter is bittersweet for Bill. "I loved her," he tells KMGH. "She loved me and that's all I can tell you is the heartache of not being with her all the time."

Moore's daughter says she read the letter to her own daughter. "It really hit me that we were seeing the true depth of my parents' love," she says. "Their love sets such a beautiful example for what life can be."

As much as we enjoy the romance of two young people just starting to fall for each other, it's when we look backward, at decades shared together, that we see love's true depth and power. Bill and Bernadean were each other's companion through a lifetime of challenges. It's that "beautiful example," as their daughter puts it, that inspires the rest of us to take love to its fullest fruition.

How do you think you'll feel about your current significant other 50 years from now?


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