Finally, the Foreplay Coach Your Man Needs

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Foreplay is essential for arousal, especially for women. Heck, for a lot of ladies, it's THE way to climax. But it tends to get upstaged by the main event, if not skipped altogether by the unskilled. So it's about time someone invented a foreplay coach.


Introducing Blindfold, "your digital foreplay assistant." It's exactly what it sounds like -- Siri for sex, as they put it, an auditory guide through the wonderful world of foreplay.

So here's how it works. You subscribe for $9 a month and download the app. Start one of the 20-minute episodes, and a honey-voiced "Angelina" talks your man through your moves in real time so he knows what to do and how slowly to do it.

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Yes, men do most of the work in Blindfold Land. One of the guiding principles is, "the female body is more sensitive to touch, and men are usually more visual." So Angelina bosses around your man while you get to lie back, look lovely, and enjoy the ride. And hey, there's a new "episode" every month.

This may be a stretch for some couples, but check out the testimonial by "Jess."

My husband's idea of getting things started is to lie on the bed naked and wait for me to walk in on him. Which, um, no. If I had an off switch, that'd flip it. He knows I like candles, music, dim lights, but he never bothers with it. This audio stopped that shit cold. I came out of the bath to all of that.

Having a totally sexy sounding woman directing his every move allowed me to relax and just enjoy everything for a change but allowed him to be controlled to an extent as well. It also made him focus on getting me turned on without feeling like I was telling him what to do. Which he likes, but shit, it gets old for me to always have to be Spielberg!

That last bit raises a good point. Guys want to know what you like, but it's not always fun to direct them so explicitly. 

When Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory and her husband tried out Blindfold "so you don't have to," her husband was directed to caress here, kiss that, stop and take some deep breaths for a bit, take a nice long look, get back to stroking ... and then 20 minutes later, Angelina invited them to continue without her.

There was a lot of giggling in the Clark-Flory bedroom, and they felt like "the focus of an alien-directed human mating experiment." But they also enjoyed it more than she thought they would. She points out an overlooked perk: You can always blame any bad moves on Angelina. Less pressure to perform, guys!

Blindfold sounds a bit like sexual training wheels. (But maybe don't put it that way to your man.) Hopefully over time you'll develop a repertoire of moves, and guys in particular will get better at "reading" their partners so they can tell what works and what doesn't.

And this is probably just the beginning -- other companies might try the same idea in different ways. Angelina may not be everyone's cup of red wine. There are other voices, other approaches to foreplay. But even if Blindfold isn't perfect, and isn't for everyone, I think it's exciting that there's a tool to help people do right by foreplay.

Are you curious -- would you try Blindfold? Would your man be willing to try it?


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