Man's Sweet 365 Day-Long Proposal Took Some Serious Dedication (VIDEO)

dean smith proposal jennifer kesselThe day a guy decides he wants to pop the question is also the day he realizes that means it's time to start planning the perfect proposal. And that's exactly what Dean Smith decided to do back on January 8, 2014 when he gave himself exactly one year to get down on bended knee and ask Jennifer Kessel to be his wife. But he thought he'd "propose" to her 365 times first.


Yep, the wannabe-husband videotaped a marriage proposal a day, every day for a year. In the end, he compiled the proposals -- written on a whiteboard every time and presented in a variety of settings, from the bathroom to the couple's garden; family even got in on the fun! -- into a video that he presented to Jennifer on the beach in Aruba this January 8. And when the video ended, he was there to ask her out loud.

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Check out the whole journey below.


Incredible? Thoughtful? Unforgettable? Undoubtedly. So, of course Jennifer said yes! If Dean's devotion to sticking to his plan and creating this year long proposal is any indication of what a devoted spouse he'll be, his new fiancee is one lucky lady. And sounds like he's pretty darn grateful, too. Congrats to them!

What do you think about this 365-day proposal?


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