New App Will Tell You When Your Husband Is Lying

For anyone who has ever wondered what life—and marriage—would be like if everyone told the truth about everything all of the time, you are steps away from your nightmare dream. A new app called ooVoo analyzes facial expressions to determine whether someone is lying is not. A lot of people are going to be very unhappy about this technological breakthrough.


The app works by reading our facial expressions and then determining whether they are consistent with those often detected in people who aren't being truthful. The American company that came up with this bit of mad genius tech plans to market it to businesses, which can use it while hiring candidates and trying to figure out whether potential partners plan on working with them. They also think it will work well among retailers, whom they say can benefit from seeing how their customers react to products on their shelves.

Pretty smart! But how have they neglected to speak to the real consumer? The one who would just eat this app up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Yes, I'm talking about WOMEN.

Picture it. You have suspicions about one of his Facebook "friends," whom he says he barely knows, but who keeps posting photos of herself on his wall in a bikini. Hmmm. You sit him down, point your phone in his face, and begin firing questions. He denies dating her—but your trusted ooVoo app tells you differently!

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Get ready, because that's just the beginning. You can then fire away and ask questions like:

"Were you just checking out that woman's (fill in the blank)?"

"What do you really think of my mother?"

"What do you really think of my cooking?"

"Did you give Lila a bath or did you just spray her with perfume again?"

Oh, the possibilities would be endless.

And when you're finished interrogating your husband or partner, it's your child's turn! You've always wanted to know what he or she thinks of your rules, right? Go on and ask away!

So yeah, this app is the WORST idea ever, when we think about using it in our personal relationships. Our most trusted politicians, on the other hand, should probably think twice the next time they speak before an audience.

What do you think of this app?


Image via Mikel Iturbe Urretxa/Flickr

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