Give Your Man a 'Supergasm' He'll Never Forget

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Ladies: Want to give your man the ultimate orgasm? A SUPERGASM? Well, let me introduce you to the ancient art of pompoir. It puts you in control and turns him into your plaything. Are you ready? Prepare to blow his mind.


We've been reading about pompoir, also known as the "Singapore kiss" and wow, does it sound amazing! Basically you stradle over your man and use your vaginal and pubococcygeous muscles to stimulate him. You're doing Kegels while having intercourse -- but it's so much more than that!

Denise Costa, author of Pompoir: The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Fitness tells Alternet there are different "abilities" associated with pompoir. "The pull ability allows women to 'suck the penis' into the vagina ..." How does that sound, guys?

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"... the expell ability similarly allows them to push it out."

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"It's reported to be an amazing sensation," Costa says.

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The technique also involves "squeezing, pushing, and pulling" the penis. "That's where they learn the sexual skills to the point where they can twist the penis just by moving their pelvic muscles." 

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"Then there's the lock ability, where females clench down on the penis to hold it in place."

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"There’s the gripping ability, the pulse ability, the squeeze ability, the twist ability, which all more or less entail what their names suggest."

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"Perhaps the most intriguing is the extrude ability, which Costa likened to 'milking' the penis."

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Wow, right? Now don't expect to perform pompoir perfectly the first time. This is an advanced set of techniques that require you to workout your muscles, just like going to the gym. 

Costa recommends practicing for an hour a day.

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Okay, but wait. Wait wait wait wait wait! Don't let's throw out the baby with the bathwater here! Few of us can dedicate a whole hour every day to vag-strengthening workouts. However, this article does make a good point that Kegels shouldn't just be about your health.

It actually is fun -- for both of you -- to try contracting and releasing your vaginal muscles during sex. Most guys will feel it and appreciate it! And you can do your Kegel "workouts" just about any time, anywhere. No one can see or tell what you're up to.

Maybe I'll have time to fully explore the ancient art of pompoir when I'm retired and my son is grown and out of the house. But in the meantime, I say pompoir lite™ is well worth trying.

Do you already do some form of pompoir when you have sex? Have you ever tried this?


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