New Vibrator Takes 'Selfies' of Your Most Intimate Playtimes (VIDEO)

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I'm all about innovative products when it comes to making us ... happy. But this new vibrator, which features a camera to "capture the most intimate moments," has me a little confused. The Siime by adult toy maker SVAKOM created the world's first internal camera vibrator. Camera? This is not your standard transvaginal ultrasound.



I'm not going to turn my nose up on sex toys. Sex toys are great! They deliver orgasms and I'm all about women (and men) having sexual satisfaction. But one look at this Siime (which comes in violet, black, and the unfortunately named khaki) and I wonder if it was really designed with her pleasure in mind. They used the words "probing pleasure" to describe the vibe. Probe? I'm picturing aliens doing experiments on people in their sleep. That may be a sexy fantasy for some, but I doubt that's what the Siime creators had in mind. They are thinking FUTURE. Now you can plug in, get off, and live stream what's happening inside your vagina with this vibrator. It can make your loved one feel so much closer to you even when they are far away.

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We should be intrigued by the Siime because ... technology! And at $180 it better deliver some mind-blowing orgasms. Let's take a look at the video for the Siime, which was first called Gaga before they thankfully changed the name. Will it revolutionize our sex lives? Before you watch, prepare yourself. The automated voice speaks in terms clearly lost in translation. SVAKOM is based in China. It's unintentional comedy gold.

Is that a mannequin in the leopard robe? Why is she holding the vibrator at her neck?!?! What is going on?!?!

I love how they call it a "deep study" and that the "Gaga" as it was called "imitates the complete sex process" and all we need to do is "softly lie down" on our bed for an "exquisite sexual journey." Seeing the vibrator connect to the computer freaks me out. My fingers are usually banging away at the keyboard on my computer most days since I work online, but my vagina does not need to be plugged into it as well. I can't say I'm not curious what it looks like inside there, but that satisfies my medical curiosity -- how bodies work and function -- not a sexual one. I also have a great imagination and I'm not sure it's necessary for me to really have a vagina selfie. In fact, it's not necessary. No one else but my gynecologist needs to see my insides that close and personal.

Hmmm ... which makes me think maybe this is a great tool for playing doctor. Kink lives forever.

What do you think of the world's first internal camera vibrator?

Image via Conan/Flickr

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