Man Plans the Most Elaborate Marriage Proposal You Have Ever Seen

proposal sends woman on scavenger hunt

Brett Arnold of Colorado has set the bar pretty high for other fellas thinking of popping the question. Rather than simply getting down on one knee in their hometown, this creative suitor sent his intended, Amy Linville, on a world-wide scavenger hunt that culminated in a one-of-a-kind proposal. 


Now many women are still a bit gunshy about scavenger hunts thanks to Gone Girl, but the adventure-loving Linville, whose first clue -- received atop a snow-covered mountain -- read, "You leave tomorrow @ 7 a.m. Go home & pack your sh*t," was on board.

A bit like a one-man Amazing Race, the 28-year-old traveled to Japan, where she frolicked with childhood friends and snow monkeys, before departing for Barcelona. From there, she made her way to a stunning hotel in San Sebastian, where, on Christmas Day, she took the solo hike that eventually led her into the arms of her beloved. Talk about romantic! 

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While traveling alone might not be everyone's idea of a good time, it sounds like it was perfect for Linville. And even if you're not a hiking or snow monkey enthusiast, you can't help but admire the Herculean amount of effort that went into planning this elaborate proposal. Though he'd had it in mind for four years, it took him eight months to coordinate.

Now not to be a negative, but you have to wonder if such a tour-de-force engagement will ultimately backfire. Seems to me he's set an impossibly high standard for himself. What's he going to do for their first anniversary? Sorry, honey, a romantic dinner simply isn't going to cut it anymore. (Or, as my slightly spoiled 9-year-old likes to say after he's opened all his birthday presents, "That's it??") We hope that doesn't happen, but with a guy like this, you'll always be imagining he's got a trick up his sleeve.

Who knows, maybe Linville will follow his lead and whip something equally as clever for her soon-to-be hubby. Either way, it sure sounds like these two have an exciting future together!

Would you prefer an elaborate or a simple proposal? 


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