7 Facts About How Couples Sleep Together Will Make You Feel 'Normal'

couple asleep in bedPrepare for your mind to be totally blown, because a new survey just unearthed some serious truth bombs about how we're all handling sleeping with our partners. And by sleeping together, I mean actually slipping between the sheets side by side in order to get those much-needed Zs.


The survey, conducted by Saatva Mattress ahead of Sleep Awareness Week (which is this week!), revealed quite a few eyebrow-raising findings about what's really going on in our bedrooms. Check out these 6 facts we're still surprised by.

1. Most of us never made a conscious decision to sleep on one side of the bed or the other. According to the findings, 40 percent of adult Americans have always slept on the same side of the bed. However, more than half report they did not consciously pick their side. That said, if those people could actually have the option of making a conscious choice today, 30 percent say they would give it more consideration and one in five admit they would choose the opposite side of the bed. Oops! Too late!

2. We all want to be on the right side of the bed. More of us are sleeping on the right (while lying down). In fact, men actually prefer it more than women (58 percent vs. 50 percent), and guys who sleep on their right side report feeling more relaxed than stressed most of the time. Still ...

3. You win some, you lose some. Forty-six percent of couples say that when they first got together, both partners wanted the same side of the bed. More men than women -- 75 percent vs. 59 percent -- handed over their preferred side of the bed for their partner. Aw, what gentlemen!

4. Forget The Bachelor! Just let me keep my side of the bed. Fifty-one percent of couples said they'd be more willing to give up control of the TV remote than their preferred side of the bed.

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5. We're dependent on our devices. Surprise, surprise: Technology is a leading factor when choosing the side of the bed. Three in four of us say that being close to outlets would determine the side of the bed they choose, as compared to choosing to be near the bathroom (67 percent), window (58 percent), or door (48 percent).

6. Women want to spoon all night? No way! I can't help but think of the episode of Friends where Chandler has to do the "hug and roll" to get Janice off of him in the middle of the night. TV like that has us believing all women want to do is be on top of their mates all night. Not so much! The survey found more women than men (72 percent vs. 55 percent) need their space and prefer they face away from their partners. Nothing wrong with being an independent woman -- in bed! 

7. And get this: More people are happier with their mate facing away from them in bed as compared to sleeping towards them (64 percent vs. 36 percent). So, if you like your space to get your snooze on, there's nothing wrong with your bond. In fact, you're majorly in the majority!

What's your take on these findings? Did you steal your partner's side? How do you feel about facing your partner when you sleep?

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