New Wankband Finally Puts Favorite Male Pastime to Good Use

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Ugh, your husband is at it again, pleasuring himself behind closed doors while you clean up after dinner. Wouldn't it be nice if all that energy he's generating could actually be put to some use? Well, today is your lucky day!


Introducing the Wankband! Now your husband can charge your household electronics simply by wanking off while wearing this handy wrist band. And no, we are not making this up.

Created by PornHub, the Wankband is motion activated. The more he yanks, and the longer he lasts, the more energy he generates. 

Can't you just see it now? Finally, your man will know what it means to multitask! He'll be able to charge up the whole family's laptops, tablets, and phones all while doing his favorite activity. Everybody wins!

Unless he wears out, which is a real possibility. I can see where this is headed: Men burning out on masturbation as they're asked to "charge up devices" far more often than they have the, um, desire to.

Aww, will helping out the wife kind of take a bit of the sparkle out of your special alone time with Brandee and Ginger's Erotic Adventures Down Under

Presumably women should be able to use the Wankband, too. But that's a joke. First of all, our moves would have to be SUPER enthusiastic to generate as much energy, not to go into too much detail. (A ring version would be better.) Secondly, where are we supposed to find the time?!?

No, this one is clearly for the guys. You can't buy the Wankband yet, but you can sign your husband up to be a "be(a)ta" tester. And hey, Father's Day is just around the corner!

Would your husband be willing to use the Wankband? Oh, excuse me, you're right -- your husband never masturbates. Riiiiight.


Image © Ollyy/Shutterstock

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