15 Women Share What Made Them Jealous in Their Relationships

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You may not consider yourself a "jealous person," but we're all susceptible to feeling jealous on occasion. In fact, some might argue that jealousy in a marriage is healthy! (If you didn't care so much, why get jealous?) But it's also one of those emotions that sneaks up on you and catches you off-guard. Just look at what's rumored to be going on between Fifty Shades of Grey's leading man Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner!


Amelia is reportedly "unhappy with him acting out the explicit sex scenes in the controversial film," so he could be throwing in the towel on appearing in the sexy film's sequels. Bummer!

Say what you will about whether or not Amelia's rumored jealousy is justified, but plenty of us have been surprised by similar feelings at one time or another. Here, 15 women confess what has made them jealous in the past and what they think those feelings said about their marriage.

1. "I think a little jealousy can be good for a marriage. Early on in days of wedded bliss, I definitely gave my husband's hot female co-worker the side eye when she gushed about how great she thought he was at the company Christmas party. Later, when things began falling apart, I remember thinking about her and thinking she could have him! We're divorced now."

2. "Last week, my husband got a haircut, and I was overcome with jealousy when I saw the way the [stylist] was looking at him. And to make things worse, as he sat down in the chair, she raised her arm up and pretended to make a muscle as if she was asking my husband to show his muscle, and like a stupid monkey, he did it! That just took me over the top. I wanted to go in there and smack that stupid school boy grin off of his face!"

3. "I know exactly what my husband's type is: brown hair, big boobs, think Kelly Brook. So if I think a woman looks like that, I don't want her around my husband. I trust him 100 percent, but I don't trust other women. I know he's a massive catch. He's a great husband, he's hot, he's caring, he has a great job. So, yeah. I am not taking any chances."

4. "When women blatantly come on to my husband with me standing right, there it makes me mad. But I have since realized that they are not a threat and just laugh in their faces and go about my day."

5. "I get jealous of my husband's best friend who is a woman. They spend hours on the phone and text constantly, and it really bothers me. My husband and I are currently in marriage counseling and working on our marriage, and I feel like his friendship gets in the way of our bonding properly since he tells her so much about his days and feelings."

6. "I'm generally not the jealous type, but I did get miffed when some 20-something woman started texting my husband at late hours because her dad had just died and she needed my husband to comfort her. So, my husband would occasionally run out at night to meet her at a bar, claiming 'her dad just died' as the reason, and that he was like a 'father figure' to her. He swears he's not attracted to her and I guess I believe nothing physical is going on, but I don't really like the idea of my husband serving as some 20-something woman's 'father figure' either. I mean, he has his own daughter at home, for chrissake!"

7. "When my husband I first got together, he had a woman 'best friend' who cheated on her fiancé with one of my exes! She tried to over-step so many times in our relationship (calling and texting seriously every hour on the hour). Whenever we didn't answer her texts or phone calls, she would seriously stop by our apartment. My husband had a party one time while I was out of town, and she tried to make out with him in front of our mutual best friend. Needless to say we haven't seen her in almost 7 years."

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8. "Normally, I don't get jealous. But things are different when I'm pregnant, which I was when he was asked to be Best Man at a wedding. When they went to get fitted for their tuxes, I was asked to come along to offer a female opinion. The girl who was taking measurements kept touching him way more than she had to, rubbing on his chest and shoulders, and commenting on his physique and broad shoulders. Normally I would have just laughed at her, but being hormonal I was ready to rip her arms off!" 

9. "I got really upset when my MIL was Facebook friends with my husband's former live-in girlfriend. I thought it was inappropriate."

10. "The other day my husband was getting his beard trimmed. I was there with our kids, as my son was getting a hair cut as well. I was sitting with my daughter when I looked up, and the stylist was touching my husbands neck and throat to feel for stray beard hairs she might have missed. I was swept up by this feeling of jealousy and anger, because she was touching an intimate area that I adored kissing. I had to close my eyes, because the rational part of me knew that there was nothing going on that I needed to be jealous about. When we had all returned to the car, I told my husband how I felt and he laughed and laughed at my silly feelings, but told me that he was flattered that I could still get jealous after being married for 15 years."

11. "I tend to get a little jealous that my husband spends more time with his co-workers than with me, but that's not his fault. We've been married 2 years, and if you add up all the time we've spent together in that 2 years, it comes out to about 6 months. So that tends to make me kinda jealous."

12. "The cat was his girl before I came along, and he often tells her how beautiful and wonderful she is. He has yet to ever treat me with such admiration, and we have been married for 7 years."

13. "My husband's ex-boss saw us taking a walk and sparked a conversation with my hubby, which resulted in him telling me later,. 'I love her like a sister.' Um ... where was I when that friendship started, and why am I only finding out by chance?"

14. "I've been with my boyfriend for almost 8 years, but the first few months we were together, we ran into one of his previous summer flings at a bar. I knew who she was, and he didn't introduce me, and I was pissed. He said he just wanted to end the conversation with her immediately, so he didn't think of it, which makes sense but it was awkward in the moment!"

15. "My MIL told me that before I came along, my husband -- who works in TV -- had something goin' on with a soap opera actress at one point. Now, I'm definitely a bit jealous and paranoid when he mentions any of the women he works with!"

When have you been caught off-guard with jealousy?


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