11 Worst Sex Insults Exes Need to Stop Using Now

couple arguingKanye West is saying some very mean things about his ex Amber Rose. Lowdown and dirty mean. Kanye slammed Amber saying he "had to take 30 showers" to cleanse himself after being with her -- you know, to be pure enough to be with Kim. Let's remember Kanye was with Amber for two years -- this wasn't just some hookup. Which brings us to the very awful topic of the worst sex-related insults exes say. The list will make everyone shudder.


1. "I had to double condom it." First of all, we all know this doesn't work, right? But most importantly if you were that concerned about the health of the person you were having sex with and you did it anyway, it really says worse things about you.

2. "I could barely feel it when we had sex." This is insinuating that either the guy's penis was small or the girl's vagina too big. Not nice, my friends, not nice to say at all. If you hear someone say this about another person, jus remember that when a person mentions someone else's shortcomings, it may really be about their own.

3. "She/he smelled." Are we in elementary school? What's the next insult? I think he had the cooties?

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4. "She just laid there." I'm just going to say this ... if the song doesn't move someone, that person just isn't going to dance. 

5. "He lasted like one minute." Meant as a mean remark, I see this as a compliment.

6. "I faked it every time." Some of us fake it sometimes. But telling another person about it to knock the person you faked it with is a low blow. Watch out for karma.

7. "As long as there was some good TV on, I could sleep with him/her." Um, loser.

8. "Three words: Teeth during blowjobs." I guess this person would prefer to get it from someone with removable dentures to avoid an accidental incident.

9. "I had to fantasize about other people to get excited about sex." An active imagination is good and so is fantasy but saying this to insult an ex is just mean.

10. "She's a whore." Maybe she is, but name calling is never nice.

11. "I had to be drunk to be with him/her." What does that say about you?

I'm not saying we have to sing praises of our exes, but ex bashing like this is too low ... even for Kanye.

Have you ever had someone tell you one of these things about their ex? What are some of the worst sex insults you've heard?

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