Up-Close & Perfect Selfie Proposal Will Make You Laugh-Cry (VIDEO)

selfie proposal We've seen A LOT of proposal videos go viral, but what you're about to see is certainly unique! Thanks to Reddit user bigbrainonb-rad, the world has been treated to a "selfie proposal."


The clip features the Reddit user's friend pretending to take a selfie with his girlfriend Lisa May when he realizes he "accidentally" had his phone set to video mode instead of photo. He ends up on bended knee and, well, you just have to see what happens, because it is totes adorable. But, wait, before you click, grab the tissues -- seriously!

Equal parts hilarious and tear-jerking, right? No wonder the clip has gone viral and been viewed almost 2 million times already!

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Getting engaged can be such an extremely emotional moment that can catch you way off-guard. I'm guessing Lisa May now knows that very well, because this clip is pretty much the perfect illustration of what getting a ring on it feels like: Surreal. Frightening. Funny. Breathless. Teary. All of the above.

So many viral proposal videos are orchestrated to the max. This, on the other hand, was planned, obvi, but so clearly 100 percent REAL.

Eesh, so real, in fact, that I really hope Lisa May is cool with this clip going mega-viral! After all, this will go down as one of the most memorable moments of her entire life, and her fiance's phone was there to capture the whole thing up close and personal. Hey, at least, it'll be something pretty cool to show the kids one day, right?

What was your reaction to this proposal?



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