12 Things Women Should Never Take Their Husbands' Advice On

Maressa Brown | Feb 18, 2015 Love & Sex

couple talking on couchAs much as we love them, our husbands don't have all the answers. In fact, sometimes, they'd be better off keeping certain advice to themselves. Case in point: Kanye West's obsession with Kim Kardashian's wardrobe? Yeah, he may think he's doing his wife a HUGE favor by taking control of her wardrobe, but does Kim really need to defer to her husband on every single article of clothing she wears?

Uh, NO! (But, oh, how that is only the tip of the iceberg with that crazy duo ... Ay yi yi.)

The rest of us mere mortals probably don't have our husbands commanding us to wear haute couture, but we do have to field their tips on a bevy of other topics, and we're not buying 'em!  

Here are 12 things women should never take her spouse's advice on.

What advice does your husband readily dispense that you absolutely ignore?



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  • The Cost of Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, etc.


    An anonymous mom says she doesn't want to hear any tips from her husband on "how much my jeans, shoes, makeup should cost!" Right on!

  • Hair Cuts


    "I would never take my husband's advice on cutting my hair or getting bangs," shares Nicole F. from New Jersey. "The answer will always be no! They always want it like you have it now." So true!

  • Breastfeeding


    "When my son was still a baby, and I was struggling with breastfeeding my S.O. used to try to give me advice on what to do," says Crystal G. from Missouri. "Was nice of him to do research, but I wasn't about to take advice from someone who didn't even have breasts!"

  • Scoring Deals at the Grocery Store


    "Grocery shopping advice!" laments an anonymous mom. "I will NEVER EVER go to the grocery store with him again! He drove me absolutely insane! He looks at each and every item on the list and compares the price per ounce to see what is the better deal and tries to tell me what to buy. I like to get in, get what I need on my list, and get out!"

  • Your Relationship With Your Mom ... or Mother-in-Law


    As Jennifer C. from Fletcher, Oklahoma points out, your husband isn't really the best-suited to advise on "mother/daughter relationships." Even if he knows his mom better than you, it's a dynamic he's just not well-versed on!

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  • How to Labor


    Another anonymous mom points out that a woman should never take her husband's advice on "how to manage labor pains. 'Just breathe through it.' Like that works!!"

  • Figure-Flattering Fashion


    Don't take your husband's advice on whether or not that dress makes you look fat, advises Laura B. from Salt Lake City, Utah. In fact, you may be better off not even asking in the first place, right?

  • How to Handle Hot Flashes


    One thing Patty H. from Seymour, Tennessee is never going to take her husband's advice on? "How to handle hot flashes!" Right on. What would men know about menopause anyway?!


  • Packing the Kids Up for a Trip


    Your husband may think he knows best when it comes to preparing for a vacation, but his way of doing things may not always be the most, err, efficient. "My husband is big on having the kids take responsibility and pack their own clothes, but it usually ends up in us having to buy what they don’t have or running to the laundromat because they didn’t have enough underwear or socks -- so more inconvenience and money for me," says Cynthia D. from Westchester, New York. "When my husbands is 'in charge' of getting the kids pack, I secretly go through the bags when he’s not looking to make sure it’s 'right.'"

  • Laundry


    Yes, some guys know what they're doing when it comes to doing laundry, but ... not all. "When we got married, I figured out why all of my new husband's shirts were a shade of dingy," says Jenny E. from San Diego, California. "He informed me that you could put all your colors in one load of wash, as long as the water was cold. I took over laundry duties."

  • Hair Color


    "My husband has no idea that there are colors outside of brown, black, blonde, red," explains Lisa F. from New York, New York. "I come home with highlight and he calls them 'stripes.' He corrects himself: 'They look good. They're beautiful stripes.' No. Just. No."

  • Female Friendships


    "I never take my husband's advice on anything pertaining to problems with my female friends," shares Kelly K. from Los Angeles, California. "He has no clue about the dynamic among women and how to handle friendship issues."

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