12 Things Women Should Never Take Their Husbands' Advice On

couple talking on couchAs much as we love them, our husbands don't have all the answers. In fact, sometimes, they'd be better off keeping certain advice to themselves. Case in point: Kanye West's obsession with Kim Kardashian's wardrobe? Yeah, he may think he's doing his wife a HUGE favor by taking control of her wardrobe, but does Kim really need to defer to her husband on every single article of clothing she wears?


Uh, NO! (But, oh, how that is only the tip of the iceberg with that crazy duo ... Ay yi yi.)

The rest of us mere mortals probably don't have our husbands commanding us to wear haute couture, but we do have to field their tips on a bevy of other topics, and we're not buying 'em!  

Here are 12 things women should never take her spouse's advice on.

What advice does your husband readily dispense that you absolutely ignore?



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