Men Can't Help But Think We're All Flirting With Them

man staring at co-worker

Remember being in middle school and wanting to hide in your locker because your crush might have caught you gazing at him from afar? And your friends kept assuring you that nah, guys are so oblivious? Well, not exactly, it seems. Our male counterparts are actually hyper-aware of any signs of flirting -- even when we're not flirting with them at all. 


In a recent Norwegian study, researchers interviewed over 300 college students and found that 88 percent of women could think of at least one incident when their friendliness was mistaken by a man for flirting.

(In a similar American experiment, 90 percent of women admitted their friendship had been misinterpreted).

So what gives?

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Chalk this "sexual misperception" up to an evolutionary adaptation. Cavemen, after all, needed to be super-aware of any cavewoman who might be willing to get busy. Not so for women. Instead of sleeping with just any lunkhead in a loin cloth, why not save your egg for a Homo erectus who can actually make fire?

With this in mind, careful trying to pull off any of these moves. Men will probably totally think you're flirting with them.

1. "She's totally trying to get my attention."

2. "Oh, yeah. That is definitely a 'Come hither' look."

3. "Man, did you see the way she keeps looking at me? She is into me!"

4. "She's not even trying to hide it!"

5. "This is on!" 

Do you have a hilarious story about "mistaken" flirting to share?

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