Woman Uses Street Art, Not Tinder, to Find Love

woman uses art to find love

A woman in San Francisco is trying to find true love outside the digital sphere in an innovative yet old fashioned way. With the help of her friend, artist Matthew Wyne, the 26-year-old woman, who's choosing to remain anonymous -- and faceless -- has spelled out exactly what she's looking for in a suitor in black and gray along a city block. 


Specifically, what this lady would like is someone "who feels it all," someone to "slow down with," and "someone who will let me eat the last Cheez-It." OK, she brought snacks into it, it just got real! But, seriously, this idea seems so novel and refreshing compared to basing everything on a photo that may or not be current.

As one passerby pointed out to the artist, when you see someone's image online, they're nothing like they are in person anyway. The voice and the mannerisms change the whole picture.

The woman behind the street art has honed down her message to what she really wants. When someone reads it and is intrigued enough to call, they're already starting at a deeper level than other couples who decide to meet up because of some hot vacation pics (or probably more accurately, some very perfectly angled hot vacation pics).

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Wyne explains that his friend wants to encourage other people to really think about what it is they're looking for as well. Sure, chemistry and attraction are necessary, but if it doesn't go beyond that, then really, what have you got? Plus, a male model who eats that last Cheez-It probably isn't the catch you initially thought he was. 

We hope this gal finds someone who's as creative and willing to put themselves out there as she is!

Do you this approach will work? Why or why not? 

Image via Looking for Love San Francisco

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