Women Reveal the Real-Life Behaviors That Are Great Big Turnoffs

Liz Alterman | Feb 23, 2015 Love & Sex

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No matter how much you may be into someone, at different times, they may do certain things that definitely make you lose that lovin' feeling. While we recognize that no one is perfect, we asked moms to share which behaviors have sent them running for the hills. 

If you thought you were being picky or overly critical, take a look and see if your biggest turn-off made the list. 

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#5 is gross enough when your kids do it, but it's even worse when a grown man does it!

What really turns you off?


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  • Groping


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    A CafeMom member who goes by the handle 3JuJu3 shared what really turns her off. "When my husband tries to sexily grope me while I'm cleaning. I hate cleaning, and when I do it I want to finish quickly, not be molested while making the task longer. If he really wanted to be sexy he would come in and take over." 

  • Scratching


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    CafeMom member CharlotteRose says, "My turn off is when a guy scratches his junk in front of you or others - PLEASE go in the bathroom and scratch or adjust whatever you need to do - just do it in private!!"

  • Peeing in Shower


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    Peeing in the shower is a huge turnoff for a CafeMom member who goes by the name tinybluemoon. We wonder how she knows what he's up to in there?

  • Bad Breath


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    "I can't stand people with bad breath. There is no excuse. Brush your damn teeth!" says Kiwiskiwi29, a CafeMom member.

  • Nose Picking


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    A woman who wished to remain anonymous shared her No. 1 turn-off: nose picking. Can't say we blame her! It's bad enough when you have to stop the kiddos from digging around in there.

  • Gas


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    Something that can kill the mood pretty quickly for this couple: "Gas passing, by either of us, during 'play' time," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name artistmom889. 

  • Chewing With Your Mouth Open


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    "Chewing with your mouth open. I went out with a guy once and he did that. There was no second date," says PinkButterfly66, a member of CafeMom.

  • Long Toenails


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    "Long, broken toenails. Clip those, or get a pedicure. It's awful to look and they become weapons at night. No, no, no," says a CafeMom member who goes by the handle Angelsinger.

  • Filth


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    "Filth. I cannot stand filthy houses, it is such a sign of illness in the people who do nothing to improve their surroundings," says Teensrmyworld, a CafeMom member.

  • Cracking Knuckles


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    CafeMom member randi1978 says something that turns her off is: "Popping and cracking their joints. Makes me physically ill to hear that."

  • Cologne


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    Too much cologne or bad cologne is a big DON'T for a CafeMom member EarthAngel1967.

  • Pet Names


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    What turns off CafeMom member momma4life3? "When a man call me 'baby' or 'Mama.' I am not your baby or your mama."

  • TMI About BMs


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    Cafemom member Randijt154 shared what really turns her off, "When he jokes about his bowel movements." 

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